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Wiscon fundraiser: request assistance here

Are you a fan of color who wants to go to Wiscon, but doesn't have the resources? This fundraiser is for you: to raise services and money so you can go and be your own awesome self, doing whatever you would normally do at Wiscon.

First, read the announcement post for background. Then comment here with

  1. an e-mail address;
  2. the name under which you're going to be registering for Wiscon (if you object to this, tell me why. I'm not absolutely wedded to the idea, but I feel the need for some way to investigate any accusations about misuse of funds); and
  3. what assistance you'd need: a membership, a couch, a bed, $X for travel, etc.

Non-LJ comments are accepted. All comments are screened and your requests are private, except

  • if you ask for lodging and someone offers it, I will contact you and say, "so-and-so offered, is that okay?" If you say yes, I will also contact the person offering and tell them who you are. Because, after all, it would be really awkward if it turned out that you were childhood enemies or such.
  • in the (I think very unlikely) case that the trust and good will of fandom is violated.

Speaking of which, while the following goes without saying, I have to say it anyway: this fundraiser is a gift from members of fandom to each other. Therefore, be sure you (a) really want the gift, (b) can accept it (barring unforeseen emergencies, of course), and (c) are not abusing the good will of those offering.

Questions? Go to the announcement post.

ETA: for some reason the first comment here was not automatically screened. I've just checked the settings and it claims all are supposed to be, and a test comment was. However, if you make a comment and it doesn't show up as screened, here are options: If you the-commenter can't screen it, go ahead and delete it, I'll get the comment in e-mail anyway. You can also send me an LJ message/e-mail with the information just to be safe.

Tags: cons, cons: wiscon, cons: wiscon 33 (2009), fundraising
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