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Welcome to Fight Derailing!

What this community's for (a hasty first draft):

During RaceFail 2009, numerous fans have been working very hard to, first, point out that the Fail is unacceptable, and, second, to return to the conversations that the Fail is an attempt to derail: racism in science fiction and fantasy fictional works and in science fiction and fantasy fandoms.

This community is meant to be a place that rounds up the anti-derailing efforts in a central location for the benefit of those who want to continue the conversations about cultural appropriation, racial diversity and multiculturalism in SFF fiction and fandom, racism in ditto, and its intersectionality with other oppressions. It is not meant to displace existing conversations or efforts, but to be a resource that supports them and enables additional discussion and action.

To that end, I hope to post links to some of the fighting the derail that I've seen, and to flesh out a proposal to send fans of color to Wiscon. That won't come until tonight, because I've got a day job to get to—so in the meantime, please feel free to post your own links!


This is a community to fight the derailing of anti-racism conversations, and thus, any attempts to keep derailing are unwelcome. If they happen:

In comments: my preference is, and always has been, not to delete comments but to freeze or screen them as appropriate. If I screen comments, I will generally repost the contents under ROT13 so that people can, if they choose, see what prompted the action. I believe that I can't stop people from deleting their own comments or comments to their own posts, but I would ask you to consider taking these other actions instead.

In entries: I believe that as a maintainer, my only options are to delete offensive posts; I don't have the power to put them behind a cut, lock them, etc. If it becomes necessary to delete a post, I will first comment to the entry explaining to the poster why I am doing so, screencap the whole thing, and then make a post behind a cut-tag explaining what I've done and why, with links to the screencaps.

Right now, commenting and posting are open to all. I hope that no moderation is necessary, but I feel it important to set out my feelings on the matter openly and from the start.


This is a hasty, gotta-go-to-work draft. What am I forgetting, what should I add, what would you like to see this community be?

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